Request an On-Site Steaming Appointment

Use this form to request a gown steaming/pressing for your entire party in our shop or at your hotel room the day before or the day of your wedding.

Don’t want to travel with your dress? Add delivery service to your steaming request! Then, ship your garments that you would like to have steamed to our store 1-2 weeks ahead of your appointment.

    1. Contact and Wedding Party Information
    2. Dates, Times and Locations

    When would you like to schedule your appointment?

    • The steaming appointment is normally set for the day before the wedding or the morning of the wedding, before cosmetology arrives. This will ensure the dress will be as fresh as possible for the ceremony and pictures.
    • Someone from your wedding party will need to be available to be in the room.
    • Please allow at least 45 minutes before your pictures. More time may be needed if you have additional garments.
    • If you are having an early morning ceremony or pictures, the steaming should be done the day before.

    If you are staying at a hotel on Disney property, then we will only need the hotel name. If you are staying at any other hotel, AIRBNB, timeshare, please list the name, address, and phone number to verify that it is within our service area.

    If the steaming will be in a hotel room, please call us to give us the room number after you check in. Most hotels will not give out that information for security reasons and we will not be able to find you without it. This is especially true for all of the Disney Resorts. They require that we know the room number and the name the room is registered under before they will connect a call.

    3. Items to be Steamed or Pressed

    For on-site steaming, there is a minimum of 1 WEDDING DRESS OR 4 DRESSES (formals, bridesmaids, flower girls, etc.) and/or tuxedos (in any combination). There are no minimums on in-store steaming. If you are unsure of how many additional dresses will need to be steamed with a wedding dress, it is always better to overestimate so we reserve the time. You can confirm the number of items after you check in, but we may not have time available for extra items added last minute.

    Veils, slips/crinolines, shawls, etc. can be added in the "Additional Items" field further below.

    Bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers dresses, veils, shawls/wraps, slips/crinolines, capes, etc.

    Each tuxedo/suit is considered 1 item. This includes the jacket, trousers, shirt, vest and tie.

    Ex: Fabric weave (satin, chiffon, crepe, georgette, taffeta, etc.), type of fiber that the fabric is made of (polyester, silk, acetate, nylon, etc.). This should be on a tag inside your garments (the tag is most often found at the zipper). Certain fabrics, including silk satin, any type of taffeta, and any type of faille, cannot be steamed and must be pressed with an iron. We do not normally bring an iron unless we are notified in advance that it will be needed. If you are unsure of the fabric or there is no tag, consult the store where you purchased your dress.

    4. Ship Your Garments in Advance

    Don't want to carry your dress on the plane? You can ship your wedding dress and any other items you would like steamed to our shop 1-2 weeks before your big day, and we will deliver and steam/press all items at the date you request above.

    • There is an additional storage fee that is due upon our receipt of your items. Payment for storage must be enclosed, and may be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover) or money order. We do not accept checks, and we do not recommend sending cash. This fee includes delivery if we are steaming your garments at your hotel. Please DO NOT ship accessories such as shoes, undergarments, purses, headpieces, veils, purses, etc. Hangers and garment bags should be shipped with the items.
    • You must set up your steaming appointment before you ship your garments to make sure we are able to deliver and/or steam them.
    • We recommend shipping your garments no more than 2 weeks before your wedding. Additional storage fees will apply for garments shipped farther in advance.
    • Be sure to use a delivery service that allows you to track and insure your garments. Please DO NOT use USPS.
    • The outside of the box should list the wedding party name and wedding date. For example: Jane Smith/Sam Jones 12/1/2022. Please note that all boxes and packing materials are discarded due to limited storage space.
    • Please enclose a detailed list of all items you are including so we can inventory them when they arrive. This list should also have a contact name, address, and telephone number in case the label on the outside of the box is damaged and unreadable.

      For example:
      Jane Smith/Sam Jones Wedding on 12/1/2022

      Contact: Jane Smith
      123 Maple Street
      Any City, FL 33333
      (305) 555-4567


      1 wedding dress
      1 detachable train
      2 bridesmaid dresses

    5. Submit

    Thank you for your interest in booking an on-site steaming appointment with us! Once you submit, we will review your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment, prices, shipping info if interested, and a link to pay in advance.


    Please feel free to reach out to us with any formalwear questions you have and we’ll help you navigate solutions for planning your big day!