How To Measure


Chest:  Place measuring tape around the chest just under the armpits.  For a comfortable fit, insert a finger between the measuring tape and the chest.  Add approximately 2" to this measurement for the coat size.  The difference between the coat size and the waist is normally 6" to 10".
Length:  The following chart will help in estimating your coat length.
Chest measurement graphic
5'-7" or less 31" or less (S)hort
5'-8" - 5'-11" 32" - 34" (R)egular
6' - 6'-3" 35" - 36" (L)ong
6'-4" or more 37" or more (XL)Extra Long


Waist:  Place the measuring tape around the natural waist at navel level (tuxedo pants fit high on the waist).  For a comfortable fit, place a finger between the tape and the waist.
Outseam:  Stand straight and look forward.  Make sure pants are at natural waist level.  Measure from top of waist band to a point one inch above shoe heel.
Waist measurement graphic
Outseam measurement graphic


Neck:  Measure with collar unbuttoned, but correctly positioned.  Measure loose enough for comfort (an index finger should fit between the neck and the measuring tape).
Sleeve:  Place measuring tape at the base of neck.  Extend the tape across the top of the back and shoulder, down the arm to a point one inch past the wrist bone.
Neck measurement graphic
Sleeve measurement graphic


Hat measurement graphic

Measure around the circuference of your head just above your ears and about 1/2 inch above your eyebrows. We will use this measurement to determine your hat size.