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Now that you have selected a tuxedo, it's time to find the finishing touches. Accessories allow you to truly personalize your tuxedo. You're sure to find the styles and colors you want, and you can always mix-and-match for even more variety.

Here are a few tips to help you in your search for the perfect accessories:

Rules for the Bottom Button of a Fullback Vest....
If your vest is a six button fullback vest, it is OK to unbutton the bottom button. This also keeps the vest from bunching when you sit down. If the vest has five or less buttons, all buttons should remain buttoned.

Cover Up Your Waistband with your Cummerbund or Vest...
Both cummerbunds and vests should cover the top waistband of your formal trousers when worn properly.

Fullback Vests Just Look Better...
If you think you may remove your tuxedo jacket during the reception, opt for a fullback vest. It's a much cleaner, well-dressed look when your coat is off.

When To Wear Suspenders...
You may wear suspenders with a cummerbund. However, you should not wear suspenders with a vest unless you desperately need them to help keep your pants up!

The Pleats Face Up On Your Cummerbund...
Cummerbunds are worn with the pleats facing up. It's said they are worn that way to hold your opera tickets and catch any crumbs that fall in your lap!

Boutonniere? Pocket Square? Wear One, Not Both...
Wear a boutonniere or wear a pocket square. Do not wear both at the same time!

How Do I Fold A Pocket Square?
We have a web page showing you three methods to fold a pocket square. View Page.

Flowers Go On The Left Lapel...
A boutonniere should be worn on the left lapel and tilted slightly outward.

What Color Shoes Do I Need?
Allow your pants color to dictate your shoe color. Black formal shoes and socks should be worn when your pants are black. White shoes and socks worn with white pants. Likewise for ivory and brown. If you are choosing to wear one of our colored tuxedo coats and choose to coordinate the coat with matching pants - example - choose black formal shoes. If you coordinate the coat with black formal trousers, choose black shoes, too.

Formal Shoes Are The Best Choice... Always!
Any old pair of black leather shoes are not appropriate with a tuxedo. Black patent formal shoes are the best way to go! Be sure to wear the correct color socks, too. Black socks with black shoes, white socks with white shoes, ivory socks with ivory shoes and brown socks with brown shoes. We have all the colors of socks you may need!