Three Ways To Fold A Pocket Square:

'Square Folded' Style
This is a really easy way to wear a pocket square, and it still looks great.

All you have to do to prepare the pocket square is to fold it into quarters and insert it into your tuxedo's pocket.

Make sure the fold is lined up parallel with the top of the tux pocket as seen in the picture.

Pocket Square: Folded
'Poofy' Style
For lack of a better term, we call this method the 'poofy style' of folding a pocket square.

To prepare your pocket square, lay it down flat on a table. Now, grab it by the middle and let the fabric bunch up slightly in your fingertips.

Insert the pocket square straight into your tux pocket with the corners down. Straighten and 'poof' the pocket square a bit so it looks like the photo.

Tug the pocket square to make it fill the width of the tux's pocket.

Pocket Square: Poofy
'Corners Up' Style
As its name implies, the 'corners up' method of folding your pocket square allows the corners to peek out the top!

Again, place the pocket square flat on a table and pick it up by the middle. However, this time, insert the 'bunched up material' down into your pocket first.

The corners of your pocket square should stick up and out of the top of the pocket.

Pocket Square: Corners Up
Nearly every vest we offer has a coordinating pocket square available.

Besides a fullback vest, there's no better way to spread a little color throughout your tux ensemble!

Pocket squares are available to match or coordinate with most of our vests as a purchase item for $12 with a tuxedo rental or purchase.